Typically Swabian: innovative, reliable and economical

When the company founder CARL SCHLÖSSER registered his first patents for gas fittings over a hundred years ago, he was already manufacturing the necessary gaskets himself. SCHLÖSSER was always searching for the ideal solution.

An aspiration that is a recurrent theme throughout the history of the company. We are represented in almost every industrial sector. Our products have a wide range of applications e.g. in cars, airplanes, trains, household and electrical appliances, machines, sanitation and heating.

This success is not coincidental. It is the result of years of experience, continual innovation and stringent customer orientation paired with Swabian ingenuity. It is also the result of the conviction not to rest on one's laurels, but always to regard new costumer requirements as a challenge and an opportunity. Put your trust in us!

Reinhard Adams,
Managing Director

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