Our production processes

We have numerous production processes.


With our stamping processes of blade-cutting, kiss-cutting and shear-cutting to various levels of automation we have the technology, the necessary know how and the appropriate facilities in order to optimally meet your requirements.   

 Our machinery includes: 

  • stamping machines    
  • eccentric presses      
  • hydraulic presses      
  • Crosshead die cutting press machine  
  • knee lever presses 
  • rotary die cutters 

These machines are divided into high-performance stamping departments, according to construction type, size and level of automation. This is how we produce small, medium and large series efficiently. 


Water jet and laser cutting

As an economical alternative, SCHLÖSSER offers water jet cutting or laser cutting. Since no tooling is required for these manufacturing processes, preliminary samples, small series or series production running into millions can be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Water jet cutting and laser cutting also enable the production of parts with complex contours or filigree shapes. Geometrical changes, e.g. in the developmental stage, can be made quickly and cost-effectively. We can process your request or produce preliminary samples very quickly if you provide us with your parts drawing as a file in the formats .dxf-, .dwg-, .step- or .iges.


Water jet cutting 

  • seven different work stations with up to twelve cutting heads
  • working area up to 3,200 x 1,600 x 50 mm
  • parts can be produced in any 2D contour without deforming      
  • straight or right-angle cutting edges, even with greater material thicknesses
  • narrow forms possible, even with soft or porous materials   
  • materials are not exposed to temperature stress

Laser cutting

  • high speed laser cutting machines
  • working area up to 300 x 300 mm
  • parts producible:
    • self-adhesive, individual or on strips or bands
    • with lettering 
    • with perforation 
    • with bending lines 
    • for non-metallic materials

Upstream and downstream processes


  • peeling of the material to a requested thickness   
  • max. strip width: 350 mm      
  • splittable materials (more on request):
    • cork
    • cellular rubber
    • elastomer


  • grinding down of materials to a requested thickness or limited thickness tolerances     
  • material thickness: up to 5 mm       
  • grindable materials: elastomers upwards of 50 Shore, rubberized cork


  • materials fitted with adhesive on one or both sides
  • 4 laminators
  • max. width: 1300 mm
  • partial lamination on the machine
  •  warm and cold lamination possible
  • various adhesive films applicable as:
    • assembly aids
    • permanent bonding
  • also with plasma pre-treatment when required


Cleaning of the finished parts, to fulfil raised cleanliness requirements

Full inspection

Machine or visual inspection of the finished parts for definable faults, also possible under clean room conditions.  

Technical cleanliness

  • packaging in the clean room    
  • contact cleaning
  • washing
  • handling in laminar flow box

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