Material Warehouse

Excerpt from over 1,200 grades in our material stores:

  • all grades of elastomer/rubber: NK, NK/SBR, SBR, NBR, IR, EPDM, CR, VMQ, FKM, ECO, CSM, HNBR, AU/EU, ACM 
  • all grades of plastic: PA, PE, PVC, PU, PP, PS, PC, POM, PTFE, PI, PETP, ABS, PEEK 
  • foamed elastomer: cellular rubber, sponge rubber, silicone foam, Bisco® , Poron® , synthetic foam
  • electrical-insulation materials: Formex®, pressboard, multi-layer insulation materials, screening materials, mica, vulcanised fibre, flexible insulating papers, compressed insulating materials, hard paper and hard fabric

Many more materials, please enquire!

  • high-pressure sealing materials: AFM, Centellen, EWP, Klingersil, Novapress
  • films: thermal-conducting film, insulating film, protective film
  • sealing materials based on cork and cellulose: rubberized cork, Abil, Betaflex
  • soft metals: steel plate, rubberized on both sides
  • metals: aluminium, copper, brass, bronze
  • filter materials, non-wovens, technical felts
  • membrane cloths 
  • leather, card, paper, cardboard
  • graphite and graphite-based materials 

Material approvals

On request we can also supply in accordance with:

  • DVGW
  • KTW
  • WRC
  • FDA
  • BAM
  • UL 94
  • TA-Luft
  • German and international factory standards

Choice of materials, material samples und sample parts  

Due to our experience in various different applications, we can support you in the developmental phase of a new product with the correct choice of materials:

  • material samples : please use our online form for requests of samples
  • sample parts: when you need more than just samples, we can provide you with parts for the installation and functional testing (water jet cutting and laser cutting) 
  • material sample folder: here we present numerous samples of our standard materials including technical information 

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