Facts and figures

The spectrum of parts includes more than 10.000 articles made out of 1,200 different materials. Every one of these parts originated from customer-specific requirements. Solving such challenges creatively and economically, with high-quality materials, specially developed tools and production processes or specially matched delivery conditions – all this is typical Schlösser know-how. This is how SCHLÖSSER contributes to the success of customer innovations. SCHLÖSSER produces gaskets, stamped parts, insulation parts, rings, washers, membranes, underlays, cuttings, dampings, valve flaps, shields, moulded parts as well as all kinds of parts for a variety of industries.

Facts and figures

  • founding year 1897
  • approx. 280 employees
  • 2 production facilities
  • production output approx. 3 million parts per working day
  • more than 10,000 active parts
  • over 1,200 different types of materials
  • over 1,000 customers worldwide
  • worldwide export
  • certifications ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • company’s own tool manufacture and apprentice workshop

Our technologies

    • stamping
    • cutting
    • water jet cutting
    • laser cutting

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