Corporate values

We are a medium-sized enterprise in the supply industry delivering gaskets, stamped parts, insulation parts, moulded parts and commercial parts to our customers. We run our company in compliance with the following core values:

  • We want to secure the long-term existence and the further development of the company. We also want to retain the company’s autonomy and its location in Mengen.
  • For the sustainable development of the company, economic success is necessary as a requirement for securing work places and further investment.
  • We feel a social responsibility for our employees and consider this an important foundation of the company. The security and health of our employees is paramount.
  • We are reliable, innovative and long-term partners to our customers and suppliers. Our aim is high customer satisfaction.
  • We try to achieve the optimal balance of values and objectives for all interested parties.
  • We react to changing market situations and adapt our organisation when necessary.
  • With the quality of our products, we would like to play a leading role in the market.
  • We consider environmental protection an important responsibility. We use raw materials and energy economically and reduce the production of unnecessary emissions and waste products.
  • We run our company in accordance with the law, rules and regulations.

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